Tooth Extraction

Why Should I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Depending on your individual situation, tooth extraction may be a necessary procedure in order to relieve discomfort or pain. There are many reasons why a tooth extraction may be necessary, mostly because a tooth is beyond saving.

Other reasons for needing a tooth extraction:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene - Brushing and flossing your teeth keeps bacteria from feeding on the plaque in your mouth. If your mouth is left unclean plaque build-up can cause serious issues.
  • Crowded Mouth - If your mouth is overcrowded it can cause pain and swelling. If your orthodontist is looking to straighten your teeth you may need a couple extracted for the perfect smile.
  • Infection - Poor oral hygiene leads to infection which can cause tooth decay. If tooth decay spreads too far it can affect your blood vessels and cause pain. A root canal may also be used to clean out the infection if the tooth is not compromised.
  • Gum Disease - Otherwise known as Periodontal Disease it infects the tissue surrounding your tooth causing your teeth to become loose and painful. Periodontal Disease can also form from an impacted tooth.
Tooth Extraction in Eagle, Idaho

What Should I Expect from a Tooth Extraction?

You will be given specific instructions on Post-Operative care for your mouth, however you should expect a few things:

  • Bleeding - It is normal for your mouth to bleed after tooth extraction, you will have a gauze to soak up blood and help your mouth form a blood clot.
  • Swelling & Pain - Your mouth will be inflamed around the extraction point, while it is normal to have pain, medication should keep it at ease.

While you are healing from a tooth extraction it is important not to:

  • Leave a blood soaked gauze in your mouth, switch to a clean one if it is soaked
  • Don’t lick the site or suck on anything, including straws
  • Don’t brush teeth next to the extraction point for an entire day
  • Don’t neglect to brush your other teeth
  • Don’t drink hot liquids or alcoholic beverages

If you suck on any straws or candies it can disturb the blood clot and cause more bleeding, be careful when rinsing your mouth as it may also disturb the blood clot.

What is Dry Socket?

Dry socket is a condition that can form after any tooth extraction. If the blood clot breaks it exposes the bone under the socket and can be very painful. A foul odor may also come with dry socket, if your pain is extreme contact your dentist or surgeon immediately.

The Cost of a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions will vary based on whether the extraction is a simple extraction or a surgical extraction:

  • Simple Extraction - The doctor is able to loosen the tooth and pull it from the mouth in one piece.
  • Surgical Extraction - A surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth is broken off below the gum line or breaks into pieces during the extraction. The dentist will need to make a small incision into the gums and possibly also the bone around the tooth to be able to get the entire tooth out. A surgical extraction takes longer to recover from.
If you are interested in getting an implant after an extraction, be sure to read our Dental Implant FAQs.